HB Mertz profile


Favorite place to go shoot?

Vermont or New Hampshire

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I'm a huge baseball fan and try to watch almost every Pittsburgh Pirates game if I'm around.

How did you get into photography and the outdoors? What makes you love it?

I love hiking, and picking up a camera was a natural way to document my adventures. I had no intention of it turning into something far bigger.

What do you do outside of photography?

I worked full-time for a media agency up until a few weeks ago.

Which Lander product is your favorite?

The power bank is awesome. It kept my gear charged for an entire trip without needing to be recharged.

What advice would you give to people who want to get into adventure photography?

Consider getting a job that will be able to teach you relevant skills and grow your creative abilities, so that you can pursue freelance work on the side. If it grows into something you can do full-time, you'll be much more equipped for it, and in the future you'll have relevant job experience to fall back on.

Instagram: @hbmertz
Based in: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website: http://www.hbmertz.com

Cascade powerbank 7800mAh at the beach
HB Mertz photography Arial river shot
Cascade powerbank 7800mAh waterfall photo
HB Mertz photography Aurora Borealis