See what our Ambassadors have to say about the Lander products they are using during their everyday adventure.

"My name is Pete and I am a travel photographer. I love hiking and doing road trips, the KIVA always guides me home while I am exploring in the dark."



"Our go-to is the Cairn mini lantern. It has dimmable mood lighting for anywhere-on my dog's collars, in the tent, on my camera bag so I don't lose it in the dark. I can use it for anything and it's essentially an attachable, super affordable, waterproof flashlight I don't have to worry about going dead."



"The piece of gear I use the most is the Torrey case for my phone, its low profile and bomb proof"



"I love endurance cycling and I'm obsessive about tracking my stats on my phone. The Cascade power bank and Neve cable are my go to, to keep that charge up. Nothing is more scary than when the phone dies mid ride! Love that they are rugged enough to throw in my saddle bag without worrying if they can handle road vibrations."



"My go to is the cairn lantern + powerbank. It's durable and sturdy while keeping my path luminated and electronics charged at the same time. It has definitely come in handy during power outages."


"My absolute favorite Lander products are the Cairn Mini Lantern and the ARGO Sleeve. I recently returned from a week of camping and shooting, the combo made editing photos on my trip a snap. The crush proof sleeve doubled as a soft and sturdy place to set my laptop when not protecting it in my pack, and the lanterns allowed me to work into the night."



"Whenever I'm heading out on an Over night trip, I don't leave home without my Cairns XL blue tooth lantern. It's proximity base on/off feature makes it a lifesaver when climbing up a ladder onto my roof top tent in the dark! I love it!."


"The Kiva headlamp has been my go-to gear for any adventure. It's always so handy to fit into my tech pouch. I recently visited Washington state for hiking where we had to hike down the mountain at midnight. The headlight was super useful and I love its warm color."


"My go-to products are my mini Cairn lantern and my Moab phone case. I came across Lander last year when I was in search for a really good quality case that wasn't too bulky and looked aesthetically pleasing. Lander's phone case just checked all the boxes...I've been hooked on their products ever since."

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