Jace Goodwin profile


Best kept secret about your area?

Jamestown, Rhode Island

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I was once bitten by a chipmunk after I saved it from a cat when I was 8-9 years old, haha!

How did you get into photography and the outdoors? What makes you love it?

Photography actually got me into the outdoors. I found that I loved to get landscape photos and it gave me a reason to get out there. Now that I've hiked mountains, and explored many states, I love going outside not just to take photos, but to genuinely enjoy nature! My parents also supported me and gave me a safe place where I felt comfortable enough to get out and do what I want.

What do you do outside of photography?

I am currently studying business at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, and I spend my summers back home in Rhode Island. Other than that, I try and get outside as much as possible, whether that be snowboarding, long boarding, or hiking!

Which Lander product is your favorite?

The new Moab case is definitely my favorite. My phone would always shut off randomly at 20-40% battery if it was very cold out, but with the insulation in the Moab, that doesn't happen!

What advice would you give to people who want to get into adventure photography?

Just do it. My biggest pet peeve is when people say they don't have the time and money to do something. If you really want to do something, then do it! You'll make the time if it's something you genuinely love.

Instagram: @s_loomis
Based in: East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Website: http://samloomisvisuals.com