Jace Goodwin profile


Favorite place to go shoot?

The French Alps.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I'm addicted to sneakers, I think, I mean I'm sure that I have more shoes than my wife...

How did you get into photography and the outdoors? What makes you love it?

With my parents we were always in the mountains when I was young and my mother was always with her film camera, I think that the photography was always with me from day one.

What do you do outside of photography?

I'm a freelance photographer, for the rest of my time I'm manager in a apple store and I play basketball!

Which Lander product is your favorite?

By far the Cascade powerbank, the design is so nice and I ALWAYS use it when i'm in the outdoor, camping, roadtripping etc.. Love it!

What advice would you give to people who want to get into adventure photography?

Camera doesn't matter! Go outside, and collect instants! Life start outside of our comfort zone!

Instagram: @bevilacquavisuals
Based in: Grenoble, France
Website: http://www.bevilacquavisuals.com