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Thermoline Technology
Thermoline Technology


Meet Torrey, the ultimate iPhone case for the modern adventurer with Thermoline insulating technology. Bringing a slim look to your iPhone along with a sustainable design, premium drop protection, and dynamic security against the elements, Torrey is the ideal outdoor phone case for those consistently testing their limits.

Woman holding phone with Torrey Case
Man chargin phone with Glacier Case


Meet Glacier, Lander's first clear iPhone case. Offering sustainable tech protection against slips, drops, and falls, Glacier is the modern aesthetic for those who want to show off their iPhone while living the active lifestyle they love. One of the only clear phone cases on the market with a lanyard, form meets function without sacrificing fashion.

Man chargin phone with Glacier case


Meet Vise, one of the most sustaiable phone cases on the market but still designed to offer advanced protection against the elements. With the lanyard anchor system, you can free your hands, test your limits, and do more than ever before. Learn how we have maintained premium 10-foot drop protection while making this case more sustainable than the rest.

Woman using phone with Vise case
Woman holding phone with Moab case


Meet Moab, another premium outdoor phone case with a great feel. This case starts with a similar design as the Torrey with Thermoline insulation, 10-foot drop rating, removable lanyard, and a similar size and thickness. What makes the Moab different are the case edges, with flat angular sides and ribbed markings for extra tactile feedback.

Woman holding phone with Moab Case


Meet Sego, our Samsung Galaxy phone case with protection for any climate. With our advanced drop rating and insulating technology, this case has what it takes for off-grid adventures, video streaming, and online gaming. The slim profile, textured grip, and lanyard reduces drops. Take your Samsung phone anywhere by putting it in our Sego case.

Man using phone on a rock with Sego case
Laptop being slipped into Argo protective sleeve


Meet Argo, the protective sleeve you need for your MacBook. Made with impact-resistant TPU and scratch-resistant microfiber lining, this sleeve means you can throw your MacBook in a backpack no problem. Sealed edges, SwiftLock™ magnetic closure and StoneGrip texture make the sleeve easy to use. Available in a black or taupe finish.

Laptop being slipped into Argo protective sleeve


Meet Arete, the AirPods Pro Case designed to rediefine your expectations of a waterproof, dustproof AirPods case. Get 360° of protection with a modern aesthetic. With an eco-friendly lanyard and 10-foot drop protection, dropping your AirPods will become a rare occurrence and accidental damage all but impossible. The Arete is as durable as it is minimalist in design.

Woman holding arete airpods case
Woman holding phone with Torrey Case

Moab Watch

Meet Moab for Apple Watch. More than just a band with an outdoor look, this version of the Moab case offers a waterproof band, built-in crush zone, and durable TPU material. Best of all, this protective case doesn't interfere with the features or sleek design of the Apple Watch. The speckled finish adds a sense of style, while the reflective trim makes the watch easy to find.

Man checking time on apple watch with Moab Watch case