Lander® gets you off the grid with smart-feature headlamps and lanterns that have USB mobile device charging stations. The dustproof, water-resistant, lightweight Kiva™ headlamp puts out 150 lumens. Three Cairn® lanterns range from 150-350 lumens and come with a unique anchor-system lanyard. The Boulder™ also goes up to 350 lumens along with a full color spectrum and 300 hour runtime.

350 Lumens Charges four devices at once. 300 Hours of Light Time
350 Lumens Four Mobile Charges 250 Hours of Light Time
300 Lumens 3300 mAh Battery Waterproof
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Taking electric light for granted is commonplace—it’s everywhere. You quickly gain appreciation for easily available electricity once you spend time in the great outdoors. There are many spectacular things to find when you venture off the grid, but nowhere to plug in a light.

Lander has several solutions to light up all your adventures, allowing you to bring technology outdoors and enhance your backcountry experience. Lander headlamps and rechargeable camping lanterns are packed with power and useful features. The designs focus on simplicity and portability.

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