Lander® bags are specifically engineered to carry fragile electronic devices and protect them during backcountry adventures. Traveler® and Commuter® feature tough materials, smart design, and the Crash Pad waterproof laptop compartment. The Timp® series consists of two backpacks and a messenger bag. Timp bags are lightweight and weather-resistant for enthusiasts who move fast through all conditions.

1L Liter Capacity Adjustable Strap Water Resistant
25 Liter Capacity Laptop Crash Pad Water Resistant
35 Liter Capacity Laptop Crash Pad Water Resistant
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Lander Travel & Outdoor Tech Backpacks

The thought of traveling today without a phone and a charger seems ridiculous. In fact, most of us wouldn’t leave town without a laptop or tablet. Lander designs travel backpacks and messenger bags that let travelers take their high-tech devices anywhere they go — whether it’s a hike to camp or a flight to another country. Lander outdoor tech backpacks keep expensive electronics safe from the wrath of Mother Nature, overzealous baggage handlers, or anything else that can damage fragile electronic devices. Instead of shouty colors and gimmicks, Lander travel bags are made with tough, weather-resistant materials and smart features that travelers and hikers will use every day. Lander backpacks take a beating so gear and electronics don’t have to.

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