Boulder™ Lantern + Charging Hub

Boulder™ Lantern + Charging Hub

The Boulder lantern is the ultimate outdoor companion. It produces 350 lumens of light, with multiple color modes, and can charge up to four devices simultaneously, providing bright light and power to any group activity.

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Cairn Lantern + Power bank
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Boulder™ Lantern + 13400 mAh Wireless Powerbank


Essential for every avid adventurer, Boulder boasts the efficiency and functionality that other large outdoor lanterns can only aspire to. A powerhouse product in the light industry, the Boulder has it all: an ultra-bright, 350-lumen LED lantern and the ability to charge four devices at the same time with up to 300 hours of light time. You can now be prepared on all your adventures and stay connected throughout your entire journey.

+ 350 lumens (Max) & 2.5 lumens (Min)

+ Up to 300-hour run time

+Full RGB spectrum color customization

+Multi-device charging - up to 4 devices at once (1 wireless and 3 wired)

+Wireless charging for any Qi wireless enabled devices

+13,400 mAh capacity power bank - charge your phone up to 4x

+ Rechargeable via USB-C input (no batteries required)

+USB-C fast charge capable (18W power delivery required - not included)

350 lumens + light modes
Boulder offers powerful lighting that will brighten up any campsite. The most capable of the Lander lighting family, Boulder can strobe, change color, and dim.
13k mAh + fast charging
Boulder doubles as a power bank capable of charging four different devices all at the same time. The fast-charging technology charges your devices quickly.
Boulder is IP65 rated, making it waterproof and dustproof. Feel confident your lantern will stay lit in any storm.
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