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We design and develop products that not only embody our lifestyle, but empower the ability to live it from trail to street responsibly. We are committed to decreasing our environmental impact by innovating and creating ways to increase the amount of recycled and recyclable materials in our products and packaging.


Each product we make has to go through a benchmark testing process to ensure its quality. We use third party testing labs for drop testing, material strength and durability, electrical certifications, and waterproofing.


Before our products go to production we take them out on our own adventures to see if they have the right feature set and will work when it counts. We send our products to our ambassadors all over the world for testing and real-time feedback.


Our outdoor bags, phone cases, lights, and power banks are built to last. That’s value for our customers and for the planet. Still, phones and their cases don’t last forever. That’s why the new sustainable plastic we use in our phone cases isn’t just recycled--it’s recyclable. Any company claiming their products are sustainable must account for their entire life-cycle costs. And Lander is doing this with the introduction of ocean-reclaimed, 100% recyclable plastics.

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How We Offset Our Footprint

Our gear is made with the future in mind. To create our outdoor tech products, we use materials that sit at the apex of quality and technological advancement. We call this idea “Modern Craft” and stand by not only our Expedition-Grade testing, but a commitment to use only the best sustainable materials in our gear.


Our commitment to sustainability includes using 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging, now and in the future. Looking at the total life-cycle costs of our products and materials, we found another way to reduce our footprint with soy-based ink, instead of petroleum-based. Learn more about the environmental impact of different plastics.


We’re committed to shipping our products from our factories in the most sustainable way we can. Ocean shipping reduces our carbon footprint, and it does so without raising our costs.


Our sustainable packaging is about more than just being recyclable. We’ve also been able to reduce our shipping box sizes. This decreases overall material waste, while increasing the operational efficiency of local recycling centers and municipal programs.


With today’s infrastructure, we can choose the most environmentally-friendly shipping method without long delays to our customers and deliver times. Multiple fulfillment centers for online and retail orders reduce our carbon footprint even further.


We’re dedicated to reducing our footprint on this planet, and we’re starting with Repreve– the world’s foremost maker of materials from recycled plastic waste found in the ocean
We use Repreve in our Kiva™ headlamp strap and we’re currently creating more gear where we can apply Repreve materials


Built from 100% Bioplastic (Plant-based plastics), our Glacier cases are built sustainably and durably. Even built plant-based, our cases are still 10 ft. drop rated. Our products and future products are designed and planned to be more sustainable to help build a better future.


This durable self-healing speckled material provides maximum impact protection, water resistance, and added grip-ability in our products.


The future of sustainability will depend on creating a strong culture of sustainability. The Lander office is committed to reusable water bottles and recycling bins.


Electronic training and sales materials have long made us a paperless company. New work from home programs have only added to our green office culture.

If the quality of your Lander gear is compromised after purchase please contact our incredible customer care team to see about tips on repair and help with replacements for product warranties that apply.

If you are looking to upgrade to a more sustainable and protective case, visit our Upgrade Program for a discount on our Lander cases. Upgrade now .