How to Upgrade Your Phone Case Affordably—and Guilt-Free

How To Upgrade Your Phone Case

How to Upgrade Your Phone Case Affordably—and Guilt-Free

Get a new phone case for 30% off along with a 30-day risk-free trial period. There are dozens of reasons why you might be ready for a new phone case. Some people gravitate toward cute designs when buying a case for their new phone only to realize after the fact that they prefer a high-performance case. Some people are looking at phone cases with enhanced functionality like a detachable phone lanyard or a built-in kickstand for watching videos. Some people are just ready for a change. Maybe, like a lot of people, you heard about our competitive upgrade program.

This program is just the excuse you need to decide to try a premium phone case from Lander, but what can you do with that old case? Managing the entire life cycle of a phone case is important for sustainability and being able to upgrade your case guilt-free. Here are our best tips and ideas for responsibly disposing phone cases:

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Reusing the phone case is usually the best choice, and you probably have more options than you realize. First, you can try to resell the phone case. With local and digital ads, you can quickly find someone in the market for a secondhand case, especially if the case fits newer model phones. Another option is to store the phone case with other used household items to put out during a yard sale. Some people even turn this activity into a side business by buying up used cases for $5 and then turning around and selling them for $10.

Prefer to save yourself time over money while still disposing the case responsibly? Donate it! You likely have multiple vendors in your area that take old phone cases. Popular options include Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The following outlets focus more on phone donations but may accept phone cases as well: Medic Mobile, 911 Cellphone Bank, and Secure the Call.

Another way to reuse phone cases is to turn them into something decorative and/or functional in your home. Many of these craftsy ideas include using the camera cutout for enhanced functionality. You can stick the phone case to the wall and use a notepad and pen for writing notes. You can use the case as a holder for a bar of soap or kitchen sponge while using the camera cutout for drainage. Larger phone cases can also be used as cup holders.

Reduce and/or Recycle

Most cell phone cases cannot be simply chucked into the recycle bin. This type of wish-cycling usually means that your phone case ends up in the ocean or landfill. Many types of plastic for phone cases cannot be recycled. These cases may also contain other materials that cannot be effectively separated and sorted. The sustainable solution for TPU and other bioplastics used in phone cases is to compost them. While this plastic isn’t biodegradable in anaerobic landfills, it may take about 3-6 months to break down in a composter. If you don’t compost yourself, talk to your network of friends and family. Another option is to mail your phone case to an organization that will compost or otherwise recycle the plastic for you. Popular outlets include Apple and TerraCycle.

Start Practicing Sustainability with Phone Cases

Perhaps, the best way to upgrade a phone case guilt-free is to make sure you pick a new case that is sustainable. All Lander phone cases are made with biodegradable TPU plastics and a phone lanyard made from 100% recycled and recyclable rPET plastic, but some of our cases are more sustainable than others. Our Vise Case is the most sustainable option yet. The two-piece construction allows you to separate the different plastics. The exterior layer can be easily recycled with most municipal recycling programs, while the interior layer can be composted or mailed to a recycling program.

Protecting your smartphone from damage ensures a long life for your phone with a reduced carbon footprint. With a guilt-free plan to replace your phone case, you have no excuses left to get a high-performance case. Save a few dollars and get more from your current phone with a new case from Lander.