Top Father's Day Gifts for the Tech-Loving Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you are looking for the perfect gifts for that special man in your life, Lander has some great, ruggedly crafted products worthy of your consideration: the Lander Timp backpack (or messenger) and the Cascade powerbanks.

Lander Timp Backpack

Lander makes really interesting gear with a unique crossover appeal. In the case of the Lander Timp, it's not quite a Northface canyoneering backpack but it's much more than just a casual school or business pack. This carryall is ideal for the guy who works hard and plays hard, perfect for everyday work or school situations, but also well-suited for weekend ski trips, hiking expeditions, or overnight campouts.

I love how versatile the Lander Timp is. It's a highly durable pack with a sleek and modern look and feel to its design. One of its strongest attributes is its water resistant and rip resistant exterior shell. It's this shiny shell that makes this pack as rugged and stylish as it is. Speaking for myself, I wouldn't be the least bit afraid to subject this pack to the rigors of nature, knowing that whatever tech gear and personal accessories inside are safe and well protected.

The interior of the pack is fairly simple and straightforward, with ample storage pockets to keep your gear separated and well organized into its respective compartments. The Timp has a dedicated, padded compartment just for your laptop or tablet, as well as ample interior sleeves to protect your iPhones or iPads. The fact that the Timp line of products offers several different size options means that you can pick a pack according to your needs, so whether you just want a light daypack or a larger pack that can easily get you through the weekends adventures, the Timp is a great bag that's built for adventure and years of reliable use.

The Lander Timp features:

• A coated 315 rip-stop weatherproof material on front panel protects from tears and rain
• Well-padded back panel has breathable mesh fabric to wicks sweat away
• Illumaweave reflective tape allows for quick location in the dark
• Reinforced zippers with rubber so they won’t fray
• Daisy chains on front of bag to hook on accessories
• Extremely lightweight bag for ease of transportation
• Adjustable slider sternum straps

The Timp bag is available in the following sizes and styles:

• 20-liter Messenger Bag for $99.99
• 20-liter backpack for $99.99
• 25-liter backpack for $129.99

Cascade Battery Pack

In addition to the Timp, Lander offers a great back up battery pack called the Cascade, and like the Timp, it is available in several power capacities and its design complements the Timp pack to a T. The Cascade features a silky smooth, grippy exterior and has a sleek, modern look and feel to it. Whichever Cascade model you choose, rest assured that for its size, it packs a lot of juice, even the smallest option is enough to fully recharge the majority of iPhones. The largest Cascade includes two USB ports and enough reserve power to help keep both your iPad and iPhone going on a weekend excursion.

The Cascade chargers feature:

• Smart Charge technology that powers the battery off when the device you are charging is full
• LED power indicator lights
• An auto-off energy saving mode so it turns itself off if its not being used
• Each charger comes pre-charged
• Includes an Illumaweave reflective lanyard and a handy travel case

The Cascade chargers are available in the following capacities:

2600 mAh (approx. 1x charge) at $34.99
5200 mAh (approx. 2x charge) at $49.99
7800 mAh (approx. 4x charge) at $69.99

If you are looking for the perfect accessories for that special guy in your life, you won't go wrong with these practical and durable products from Lander. Both the Lander Timp carryall and the complementary Cascade powerbank are ruggedly designed to withstand many years of active living. Clearly, the folks behind Lander's products know a thing or two about building crossover gear that can handle the extremes of nature and look fashionable while doing so. Read more