iPhone 11 Pro Cases

Lander® cases provide tough protection for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Torrey® and Moab® are made from impact-absorbing material and are now built more sustainably. Each case comes with other unique features such as removable lanyards with Illumifind™ reflective accents and Repreve® recycled ocean plastics. Our cases have gone through rigorous testing to provide you with the best drop (10ft. drop protected) and temperature moderating (0ºF to 120ºF/-18ºC to 49ºC) tests.

Slim Fit Thermoline Protection Detachable Lanyard
Slim Fit Thermoline Protection Detachable Lanyard
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iPhone 11 Pro Cases

At Lander we create gear of the highest quality for the iPhone 11 Pro. We design every detail of the “iPhone/Samsung” to build our low-profile, minimalist phone cases. They deliver superior protection that looks and feels great, fits like a glove and exceeds your expectations. They deliver protection that looks and feels great and is far superior to other cases on the market

All our device cases have a story from the patterns, to the colors, to even the name. A lot of energy and time and caffeine go into the building and designing of these cases so they can perform in any climate in any part of the world. Whether you’re weaving through the British Columbia Circuit on a new bike, or skiing the snowy Cottonwood Canyons in Utah, or reaching for that next hold in Yosemite, our heavy-duty, durable iPhone 11 Pro cases will thrive in every scenario.

Thermoline Insulated Protection for iPhone 11 Pro Cases


Each Lander iPhone 11 Pro case has a layer of temperature moderating, advanced insulation built-in called Thermoline™. This will protect your phone from the frigid snow as you shoe your way up the trail to the heat of streaming countless hours of gaming. The Thermoline layer absorbs those extreme temperatures to help keep your phone functioning at a steady constant temperature, for as long as possible. Durable testing shows that Thermoline will protect in temperatures as low as 0ºF / -18ºC, and as high as 120ºF / 49ºC.

Lanyard Case For iPhone 11 Pro Mobile


When you receive your Lander case you will notice a detachable wrist lanyard. This will keep your phone securely attached to your wrist, hand, etc. when you need it most. Made of durable materials, the lanyard can easily be attached or removed by looping it through the anchor system point found at the bottom end of the case. The is a metal cinch that can be slid to secure it around your wrist for and add an extra peace of mind when you need to capture a moment at the edge of the boat. There is reflective Illumifind™ material that has been woven into the lanyard which will make your iPhone 11 Pro visible in the low-light conditions.

Lanyard Case For iPhone 11 Pro
Durable iPhone 11 Pro Case Protection


Impacts are a thing of the past with this iPhone 11 Pro case. Your phone will be completely protected with our rigid, durably-constructed crush zones. Built inside the case, the crush zone completely surrounds the edges of your phone. Take a look at the crush zones and notice a fun hidden Morse code message inside our Moab and Torrey case lines. It says Lander.

Our Lander phone cases are Military Grade Drop Test rated at 10-FT (MIL-STD-810G). These rugged, impact-resistant iPhone 11 Pro cases are built to last more than just climate, and we’ve got the data to prove it. It’s always good to know your phone will be secure for when it accidentally slips through your hands.

At Lander we love what we do. We are constantly trying to reach our goal to design and deliver our gear. We strive to make it with the highest of quality and the best of materials available. You'll be ambitious set off on your next adventure with a Lander case in hand. We’re always looking for new expeditions in uncharted territory. From new trails to new products, we are constantly exploring. Test your limits with an iPhone 11 Pro case from Lander.

You can also find Lander iPhone 11 Pro cases online and in store at REI, Apple, Nordstrom and Verizon.