iPhone 12 Cases

Lander® cases provide tough protection for your iPhone 12. Torrey®, Vise™, and Glacier® are made from impact-absorbing material and are now all built more sustainably. Each case has other unique features such as removable lanyards with Illumifind® reflective accents and Repreve® recycled ocean plastics. We built these new cases with bioplastics to create a more sustainable future for our world.

Sleek, low profile design 100% Bioplastic 10ft Drop Protection
Minimal Design Thermoline Protection 10ft Drop Protection
Ribbed design 100% Sustainable 10ft Drop Protection
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iPhone 12 Cases

Lander has given the time, sweat, and ingenuity to create some of the highest quality iPhone 12 cases. Each of our cases has a unique story with specific performance features, ensuring everybody can find the perfect case for their style and needs.

The Torrey Case has long been one of our most popular phone cases with its temperature-insulating technology and design. The Glacier Case is made for people who love the look of a clear phone case design but need premium protection for their travels and daily phone habits. The Vise Case is our most sustainable phone case yet with two-piece construction that allows for greater use and easy recycling of Repreve’s ocean-reclaimed plastics.

Whether you love to ski the Rockies, test your limits in the remote Alaskan wilderness, or take your phone to any number of exotic international destinations, one of our premium iPhone 12 cases is the way to go.

Thermoline Insulated Protection for iPhone 11 Pro Cases


The iPhone 12 may have an IP-68 waterproof rating, but the phone will still struggle to function properly in extreme temperatures. The Torrey Case with insulating ThermoLine technology will expand your iPhone’s thermal range, and protect the device from frigid winds, the heat of the sun, and countless hours of mobile gaming. Durable testing shows that ThermoLine will protect in temperatures as low as 0ºF / -18ºC, and as high as 120ºF / 49ºC.

Lanyard Case For iPhone 11 Pro Mobile


Lander has always been committed to sustainability. We make our phone cases with biodegradable, plant-based plastic. We’ve also incorporated Repreve ocean-reclaimed plastic into our cases and every phone lanyard we make. At Lander, we know that sustainable materials won’t necessarily make a difference if they can’t be recycled. That’s why Vise, our most sustainable iPhone 12 case, has a two-piece construction—making it easy to separate and recycle the ocean-reclaimed plastic when the time comes to get a new case.

Lanyard Case For iPhone 11 Pro
Durable iPhone 11 Pro Case Protection


Here’s another thing that sets Lander apart: We’ve designed a clear case that is fully outfitted with the protection needed for outdoor adventures and heavy use. The Glacier case is one of the only clear iPhone 12 cases on the market to include a detachable lanyard. For people who love outdoor expeditions and the natural look of their iPhone, this is the clear choice. That said, every Lander phone case has an innovative lanyard anchor system—simply slide the metal cinch into place and you’ll have extra peace of mind when capturing that perfect selfie moment.

We love finding ways to push the boundaries of the highest quality gear and tech accessories. Feel confident on your next expedition that you have a case made for rugged terrain and outdoor climates. Test your limits with an iPhone 12 case from Lander.

Find our cases online and in store at Apple, REI, Verizon and Nordstrom.