Extending your off-the-grid adventure, Lander® portable power banks provide more light and keep you connected longer than ever before. Even the smallest power bank will fully charge your smartphone with power to spare. The power category includes three options—two which are wireless power banks 6,000mAh and 10,000mAh that offer the best in charging your device.

350 Lumens Charges four devices at once. 300 Hours of Light Time
350 Lumens Four Mobile Charges 250 Hours of Light Time
300 Lumens 3300 mAh Battery Waterproof
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Portable Power Banks

Our portable power banks allow you to bring a little bit of civilization on your outdoor adventure — just in case you need it. Recharge your phone or other rechargeable device so you can stay in contact with the people in your life, call for help in an emergency, or just pump up your best backcountry jams in camp. Our power banks are compact, lightweight, and extremely portable. Along with a light rain jacket and a few energy bars, the items in this category have quickly joined our short list of backpack essentials. Just toss them in your pack with the appropriate USB cable and forget about them — they’ll be there when you need them. This is power you can count on when you go way off the grid but can’t afford to go dark.

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