How to Determine the Best Wireless Charging Power Bank for Your Needs

After nearly two years of being cooped up inside, the call of the wild is louder than ever. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere are trading in living room couches for backwoods campsites, and at-home device chargers for wireless charging power banks—like Lander’s groundbreaking Cascade® Wireless Charging Power Banks, Boulder™ Smart Lantern + Charging Hub, and Cairn® Lanterns + Power Banks.

These state-of-the-art power banks make it easy to keep all your invaluable devices fully charged and ready—even when you’re miles from the closest electrical outlet. Each power bank boasts an IP65 rating for dust and water damage resistance, Qi wireless charging compatibility, and 18W PD fast charging.

These are the essential features we think all rugged and convenient power banks should have. Plus, we’ve also optimized different features and costs across our power bank lineup so you can find the best wireless charging solution for your needs.

Comparing Prices

If price was the only factor on how these wireless charging power banks were being judged, then the edge would have to go to Cascade—at $65 and $40 for the Cascade 10k and Cascade 6k, respectively. If you only need a single backup charge (3300 mAh) but like the idea of an extra lantern for short camping trips, the regular Cairn® Lantern will get the job done for just $60. You can also spend a little more to get a bona fide power bank and lantern combo with the Cairn XL or Boulder for $100 and $120, respectively.

Comparing Charging Capacity and Functionality

The Cascade 10k and Cairn XL power bank boasts a 10000mAh battery capacity for fast charging multiple devices at once, while the Boulder has an even higher battery capacity of 13400mAh. In addition to multi-device charging and fast recharge via USB-C input, each power bank is designed to keep devices safe and secure while charging.

The Cascade 10k, for instance, features a retention band—effectively securing your device to the wireless charging power bank. The Boulder, while it doesn’t have a retention band, was designed with a smooth, flat top on which to place devices while charging. Plus, both the Boulder and Cairn include a tether for hanging, making it easy to illuminate your surroundings as well as charge your devices.

Comparing Overall Features

When it comes to wireless charging power banks and their features, nothing out there can compete with Boulder. For starters, it’s more than just a power bank—Boulder is equal parts charging hub and smart lantern. This device emits up to 350 lumens and boasts up to a 300-hour wireless runtime. The 13400 mAh power bank supports charging for up to four devices at once (one wirelessly and three wired). Boulder also boasts variable dimming and full RGB-spectrum light color customization, all conveniently controlled via smartphone app.

The Cairn XL offers similar combination power bank and lantern features with remote app control but has only a 10k power bank and 250-hour runtime. It also lacks the near the 360° illumination you get with the Boulder.

If you’re in the market for a powerful power bank but don’t need all the features of the Boulder or Cairn XL, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than Cascade. The Cascade supports ultra-fast charging for up to three devices at once (one wirelessly and two wired), and the durable, portable design makes it easy to take anywhere.

Comparing Reviews and Customer Feedback

It probably goes without saying that we think these wireless charging power banks are pretty incredible. But don’t take our word for it.

  •   In his Cascade 10k review for PCWorld, Jason Cipriani writes, “If you need a battery pack that you can take almost anywhere, this is it … If you tend to be hard on your devices, the rugged and capable Lander Cascade is worth looking at. It’s designed to be used and abused, and even to take the occasional plunge in a pool or river.” Another Cascade 10k review states that, compared to generic power banks, “the quality is significantly better (and you get a [2-year] warranty). It’s easy to use and super handy when moving around so I’m excited to use it on all my trips in the future!”

  •   The Cairn XL has earned plenty of rave reviews but is especially adored by the biking community. Zach Overholt of Bikerumor is impressed with the endurance of Cairn’s power delivery. “After using the Lantern for a weekend bikepacking trip, and topping off my phone (iPhone 7) overnight twice, I still have four LEDs showing which should equate to about 70-80% battery life. I was worried that between the lantern function and phone charging, I would deplete the battery much more quickly, but so far it’s been surprisingly efficient.”

  •   Not to be outdone, the Boulder has received its fair share of praise, too. In his January 2022 article The 10 Best Camping Lanterns to Light the Way in 2022, Kurt Spurlock recognizes Boulder as one of the year’s best rechargeable LED camping lanterns, writing that “it’s got so much cool stuff going for it … you have a full spectrum of colored light options to choose from instead. That means the Boulder checks our bonus feature box for a red light and makes for a great outdoor dance party companion if that’s your thing.” And in the Best Camping Lanterns of 2022, Sarah Nelson sings Boulder’s praises, writing that you get “four ports for charging multiple devices at once and impressive run time of up to 300 hours (the longest on our list), meaning you can get a full weekend of use—including powering your phone—without worrying about draining the battery.”

But that’s not all—several happy customers weighed in on the Boulder lantern on our site. Bryan K. notes in his review, “I have learned why this lantern is the greatest of all time. Left my charging cable at home but luckily had my lantern charged and ready to go. Didn't even need the cable anyway because the Boulder was able to keep the tent lit and my phone charging through the night! 100% recommend this to everyone.” Additionally, Chad K. writes, “I bought this light to use camping, but also around the house and so far I absolutely love it. The power bank feature/wireless charging is a nice touch and my kids LOVE the app and color functions.”

So … What’s the Verdict?

The Boulder, Cairn XL, and Cascade wireless charging power banks are built to last while keeping you connected—no matter how far off the beaten path you may be. With the various features, sizes, and price tags of these power banks, you should be able to find the perfect choice for your daily habits and adventurous lifestyle.

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