How Many Charges Can You Get From a 10000mAh Power Bank?

If you think that you can simply take the battery capacity of your phone or smart tech and divide by the battery capacity of your power bank, then think again. Many power banks use lower quality component parts that result in an effective charge that delivers only about ⅔ of their total capacity. With higher quality components like you find in the Cascade, you can expect to get about 80% of the total charge transferred to your device.

That’s why we tell our customers to expect the Cascade 10000mAh power bank to recharge their smartphone about three times and the 6000mAh Cascade power bank about two times.

Number of charges from a 6k and 10k power bank

How Many Devices Can You Charge with a Cascade Power Bank?

If you have more than one device to charge, you don’t need to wait to use these three phone charges. With multiple charging ports and Qi wireless charging capability, Cascade can charge up to three devices simultaneously. Did someone in your group forget their phone charger? Get your whole group ready to go with a single portable power bank.

Cascade power bank charging multiple devices

Indoor vs Outdoor Power Bank Charging Performance

Lander gear is made to withstand the elements, so you can take your favorite tech with you around town and on outdoor adventures. Yet, even we face certain limitations--like the inherent inefficiencies and power drain associated with colder temperatures. Lithium batteries remain the best choice for hot and cold weather, but they still suffer.

In some conditions, these batteries may lose their charge four times as quickly and can even be damaged when charged in freezing temperatures. This is also why your smartphone itself drains so quickly on cold-weather trips. The Cascade’s protective casing can help mitigate these effects, but the cold will still affect how many charges you get from our 10000mAh power bank..

Another way to think of 10000 mAh charging capacity is a buffer against the inefficiencies of the cold when all you’re trying to do is get your phone recharged once. That said, there are things you can do to limit the effects of cold weather on your phone and power bank batteries. From wrapping your tech in clothing to charging your devices during the day to turning them off at night, we have many tips for improving power bank performance outdoors.

Travel Planning by Number of Charges

Knowing how many times you can charge your smartphone or other tech is essential for travel planning and for everyday use. When traveling with a companion, you’ll want to know you can both charge your phones on a single power bank charge. When traveling solo, you can save some money with the Cascade 6000mAh power bank or stick with the 10000mAh model and know that it’s not the end of the world if you forget to recharge the power bank one night. If you’re traveling for business, it’s nice to know that the 10000mAh Cascade can just about fully recharge an iPad.

When it comes to everyday use and travel planning, it’s also useful to know the charging times for Cascade power banks. Find out how long it takes to charge a phone, how long it takes to charge the power bank, and how long it takes to charge both with passthrough charging.

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