Alex Hinson Profile


Favorite place to go shoot?

By the sea or up high.

How did you get into photography and the outdoors? What makes you love it?

I've always liked filming things around me and since a little while I started photography What I like about it is that we can freeze frame a moment and keep it as a memory and modify it

What do you do outside of photography?

I mostly take videos and edit. I just finished a cinema school.

Which Lander product is your favorite?

For now, I have the iPhone case which is pretty safe and I like its design, but I also love the bags.

What advice would you give to people who want to get into adventure photography?

Travel as much as possible and be curious.

Instagram: @gautiercourquin
Based in: Nice, France

Lander Emblem hat
Lander Emblem hat in the wilderness
Lander Emblem hat in the wilderness 2
Lander 7800mAh cascade powerbank with Neve lightning cable