Norway's Midnight Sun

wo 70s cafe racers are loaded into a sprinter van, with every spare inch of space packed with camping gear, heaps of photo equipment, and just enough supplies to get us to the next small town on our journey. The roads are slick with snow as we climb into the Nordic ski ranges. The sun sets early, leaving us no choice but to pull the van over on the new snow and set up camp in the -7°C breeze. Read more

1 Year: It's only the beginning

iPhone Pure + Crown
One year ago we launched Lander as an extension of our own active lifestyles. What started as a need for expedition-inspired accessories to withstand outings in our Wasatch Mountain Range home has since taken us all over the world. Read more

Life On the #BritishColumbiaCircuit

Last week we set out to explore beautiful British Columbia, and let’s just say the Pacific Province hasn’t disappointed. From getting a few motorcycles stuck in the Squamish River to surfing at sunset in Cox Bay, our trip with Read more

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